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Sprigeo strives to provide schools with relevant tools designed to create safe places for youth. Browse the tools below. Contact us when you are ready to take the next step in ensuring a safe school community for your students.

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The Sprigeo Online Reporting and Documentation System

We worked with both students and administrators to create a reporting and documentation system that has a smartphone app, texting solution, and a web-based reporting form with support for two-way communication. View the reporting form here or download the free app from either the Apple Store or Google Play. Better yet, watch the video below for an overview of how the system works. We are confident that Sprigeo will work for you as it does for over 2,500 schools across the United States. We don’t want price to be a barrier in purchasing and will be happy to match any competitor’s cost quote.

  • Empower youth

    The Sprigeo platform, used by over 2500 schools across 27 states, inspires youth to report safety threats and bullying incidents without fear of retaliation, creating safer, sustainable, school communities.

  • Improve efficiency

    Born from 30 years of education experience, Sprigeo helps to swiftly identify, respond to and document follow-up action on bullying incidents and safety threats.

  • Improve attendance

    Schools that leverage the Student Online Reporting System find an increase in attendance and a decrease in suspensions and expulsions.

  • Share the wisdom

    Equip staff and parents with practical strategies through Sprigeo’s online education courses in bullying, cyberbullying and other safety issues. Preview the staff courses or get a sneak peak of the parent courses.

Kyra Bobak, Human Resources / Pupil Personnel Services Director,
Seneca Valley School District

Pricing Information

Multi-school and district licenses are available at a discounted rate. Your Sprigeo subscription includes: the online reporting and documentation system, access to online staff development training modules, and access for your parents to the online parent education modules in bullying prevention. Complete the contact form below or contact us directly at 805-284-9435 to find out more and begin using Sprigeo in your schools. We don’t want price to be a barrier in purchasing and will be happy to match any competitor’s cost quote.

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School District Safety Evaluation

Creating and sustaining safe schools has become a top priority for school leaders and communities across the world. The Sprigeo Team has grown to include internationally recognized experts in school safety, training and emergency response. After working closely with school districts, emergency responders and community leaders we created the School District Safety Evaluation as the standard for K12 schools nationally and internationally. Our comprehensive evaluation includes four elements designed to provide your school district with knowledge, confidence and peace of mind for years to come.
  • Safety Plan Review and Restructure

    Overview: Cumbersome safety plans can lead to chaos in a crisis situation. Sprigeo strives to simplify the procedures that school site staff and students must understand so that everyone knows what to do when a crisis arises.
    1. Review current Incident Command System
    2. Review current plan for response procedures in a crisis situation
    3. Review current plan for evacuation and reunification procedures

  • Onsite Facilities Assessment

    Overview: Security cameras and bullet proof glass comprise only a part of the equation in creating a safe school environment. Our team of safety and law enforcement experts will look for cost effective ways to minimize safety related threats that won’t require another capital investment.
    1. Identify areas of potential vulnerability at each school site
    2. Review past and current updates to school sites
    3. Review past history of safety threats or acts of violence at school sites

  • Safety Training and Professional Development Review

    Overview: Responding effectively in a crisis can be closely connected to quality training and professional development. Creating a consistent timeline for training on relevant safety issues will minimize uncertainty and chaos during times of crisis. Prior to our onsite facility’s assessment, we will interview and survey district, school site administrators and staff to evaluate the consistency and effectiveness of your district’s training program.
    1. Thorough review of past and current safety training opportunities for administrators, staff and students
    2. Review of current protocols for responding in a crisis situation
    3. Review of methods for identifying and reporting potential safety threats

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Youth Assemblies and Leadership Training

School safety is a challenging puzzle to solve. Students possess one of the most vital pieces required for a solution. Vastly outnumbering adults on any campus, students see and hear about threats before they become reality. Walk on to any school campus and you are certain to notice numerous groups, each with a leader, who maintains the group norms and is quick to call out anyone that doesn’t uphold the group standard. Collectively, student groups define the overall culture of a school.

Harnessing the leadership potential present in student groups can provide a critical piece of the school safety puzzle. Motivate students with an inspiring Sprigeo assembly and follow up it up with a day of youth leadership training designed to create a sustainable culture of safety.

  • Engage

    Sprigeo delivers an inspiring set of stories and practical ideas designed to motivate students to action. Presented by a dynamic, young presenter, students quickly connect with the speaker’s message and call to action.

  • Empower

    Most assemblies inspire students for a day, maybe even a week. Safety takes a long term commitment from students. Our assemblies lead into a day of training for potential youth leaders, designed to introduce and build skills for sustainability in the years to come.

  • Sustain

    We take our leadership training seriously. If we are asking for a long term commitment from students we need to be prepared for the same commitment. We will continue to connect with you on a quarterly basis for the next 12 months.

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The Sprigeo Crisis Response Plan

The new plan combines over a year’s collaboration between law enforcement, first responders and school safety officials as well as the latest information gathered from recent crisis events such as the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. The framework meets and exceeds the State Superintendents’ requirements for schools. Create and update your school safety plan with this easily customizable plan. Receive both a hard copy binder and electronic version (pdf) containing the basic and standardized Crisis Response Plan framework for use by schools, including ready-made templates in both hard copy and digital formats (approximately 70 pages in length).
  • Recognize trends

    Recent shootings and other incidents at schools have heightened scrutiny of how schools respond to emergencies and protect students. More than ever, school officials need a realistic, comprehensive, and proven plan to expertly handle a crisis.

  • Trust a trusted solution

    Our Crisis Response Plan is the culmination of years of research and collaboration between the administrations of emergency response agencies and administrative leaders tasked with countywide school safety.

  • Spring into action

    When a school crisis occurs, our Crisis Response Plan helps school officials protect the well-being of students and staff through emergency preparedness planning and the prompt, appropriate response of trained school personnel.

  • Expect the unexpected

    In a community-wide crisis, such as a major earthquake or flood, local fire and law enforcement personnel may be overwhelmed and unavailable. Our Crisis Response Plan will prepare the school to be self-sufficient for a time and provide extended care and shelter to students, staff, and members of the immediate community.

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