The Story of Sprigeo

When our founder, Joe Bruzzese, heard that 160,000 kids were skipping school every day because they didn’t feel safe, he knew something had to change.

Joe’s background as a classroom educator, author, teacher trainer and parent education speaker, inspired the creation of Sprigeo. Safety is a top priority for schools, families and communities. Shootings and other threats of violence, paralyze schools and the communities they serve.

Kids should feel safe.

Securing buildings is only one piece of the puzzle. Creating safer schools also includes training and a focus on strengthening relationships and reporting tools that build trust so that kids can communicate when potential violence exists.

Sprigeo has one focus: to equip schools, kids, parents and communities with the most current tools and training for preventing violence.

Sprigeo offers four essential tools for creating and sustaining a safe school environment:

1. Reporting and documentation system
2. Administrator, teacher, counselor and parent training
3. Comprehensive crisis response plan
4. Youth leadership training

Join the growing community of over 2,500 schools nationwide that trust Sprigeo to provide support for creating and sustaining safer schools.

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