The Story of Sprigeo

When our founder, Joe Bruzzese, heard that 160,000 kids were skipping school every day because they didn’t feel safe, he knew something had to change.

Joe’s background as a classroom educator, author, teacher trainer and parent education speaker, inspired the creation of Sprigeo. Safety is a top priority for schools, families and communities. Shootings and other threats of violence, paralyze schools and the communities they serve.

Kids should feel safe.

Your One-Stop Shop

Since our start in 2010, Sprigeo has continued to look for ways to ensure that schools and communities are safe places for kids and teens. After our initial launch of the bullying prevention tip line we realized a growing need to provide people with the ability to report any type of safety-related threat.

With a continued eye on data, we noticed a trend that pointed toward an increased need to identify and address youth mental health and suicide prevention. Sprigeo now provides online, professional development training in mental health, suicide prevention and bullying prevention. Our tip line services now include a 24/7/365 call center that can monitor tips constantly. The Sprigeo tip line software now provides service to over 4,000 schools across 28 states as well as administering the state wide tip line for both Oregon and Idaho.

We recognize the importance of timely communication in times of crisis, particularly when student safety is at risk. Parents want to know their students are safe. Our latest product addition provides schools with an emergency message notification system that can send voicemail, text and email notifications to parents in your community, when timely communication is essential.