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  • Leaders in Life – Part 2 with Sophie

    June 26, 2014

    As a follow up to our interview with Ariane and David from Leaders in Life last fall, we met Sophie who was one of the volunteers for this year’s conference. Check out her interview to hear more about the 15th Annual Leaders in Life Conference this spring.

    To contact Leaders in Life or learn more about next year’s conference, please visit their website. View our initial interview with Ariane and David.

  • Christian’s Buddy Bench

    May 29, 2014

    Sprigeo’s intern, Sierra Siebern, had the privilege to interview Christian Bucks, a student at Roundtown Elementary School in York, Pennsylvania. Christian has been interviewed for The Today Show, Scholastic News, TED, and many other incredible media outlets.

    Christian has been talking to schools across the country about the positive difference that Buddy Benches can make for schools. The buddy bench is a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground. Check out the video as Christian explains the Buddy Bench and what it stands for:

    For more information about the buddy bench or to learn more about creating one for your school community, visit As of today, over 250 benches are tracked on the map on Christian’s website.

  • Naomi and the Phoenix Panel

    April 8, 2014

    Meet Naomi, a senior at Palisade Preparatory School in Yonkers, New York.  She has played an integral role in shaping the Phoenix Panel at her school, a program that involves peer-peer mediation to address incidents of bullying.  Take a look at our interview to find out how this program came together and how you may be able to bring something similar to your school. Kudos to Naomi and her school administration for working together towards a safer school climate!

  • Forgive Me, A Short Film by Nicholas Lamoreux

    March 19, 2014

    Me 1

    Nick Lamoreux , 19 years old, produced an anti-bullying film called “Forgive Me” that is has been showing at schools and venues in Connecticut.  What makes this film unique is how it shows the side of the person doing the bullying behavior, where other films focus on the victim or the bystander.  Nick’s hope is that kids will see this film and know that they are not alone.  The goal is to have the film shown in as many schools as possible.  In our interview, he shared with us the background behind this project and more.  Thank you to Nick for using his talent and passion for film to create positive change.


    Here is a link to view the trailer of the film:

    Viewer discretion is advised.  Imagery and language not suitable for younger audiences.

    Here is a link to the film:




  • Peace Builders

    February 12, 2014

    In December, we co-sponsored an event at Santa Barbara High School which included a screening of Submit the Documentary as well as a panel discussion on bullying and cyberbullying. Our panel consisted of several students who are part of a group called “Peace Builders Club” through a non profit organization called Aha!.  Check out our interviews with two of these students who are creating positive change in their high school:


    To read more about the Peace Builders Club, link to this article by Seasons Magazine.
    To learn more about Aha! visit their website.

  • Frank’s Senior Project

    January 22, 2014

    Do you know someone who is changing the world through their words and actions?

    Hero: One who shows great courage. The Heroes Project celebrates people who want to create a world where everyone feels safe to be who they want to be. The first group of heroes below is a small collection of everyday people who chose to do something incredible, often with support from their friends and family. The courage they have demonstrated is deserving of recognition. A special thanks to our new group of friends who we welcome to the Sprigeo Team.

    ~ The Sprigeo Team


    Frank is a senior at Explore Knowledge Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada. His school is project learning based which gave him the opportunity to choose a topic for his senior project this year. In our interview, Frank shares about how he is “Raising a Campaign to Reduce Bullying at Explore Knowledge Academy”.  The first component was “Unity Day” where students wore bracelets to symbolize “The End of Bullying – Unity Begins with U (You)”.
    Watch the interview to learn more about our latest hero….

    Hero Interview – Frank from Sprigeo on Vimeo.

    Read more

  • Update from Samantha

    December 4, 2013

    Our first Hero interview with Samantha discussed her “Post It” project at her middle school in March of 2012.  Now in tenth grade, she is still spreading kindness at her school and in her community.

    In this month’s interview, Sam explains how she started a campaign to nominate a student with special needs for the Homecoming court at her school.

    Sam’s Interview Final from Sprigeo on Vimeo.
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  • Morgan Frazier – “Hey Bully”

    November 15, 2013

    Morgan lives in Nashville, Tennessee and just released her first music video, “Hey Bully”.  This song was written with heart and includes the chorus, “You are a lot like me.”  Morgan partners with the non profit organization, Stand for the Silent where she visits schools and performs for some of their bullying prevention assemblies.

    Check out our interview with Morgan:

    We were fortunate to meet Morgan in person when we were in Nashville earlier this week for the IBPA Conference. She sang one song as a guest performer at “Tootsies World Famous Orchid Lounge.” She sounded terrific!

    Julie Sorenson, Morgan Frazier & Joe Bruzzese

    Julie Sorenson, Morgan Frazier & Joe Bruzzese

    To visit Morgan’s website, click here. Help Morgan Frazier get #HeyBully to #1!!! Vote for her song in the Great American Country Top 20 Countdown at



  • Meet Ariane and David — Leaders in Life

    October 17, 2013

    Sprigeo had the opportunity to learn about Leaders in Life this summer when we were presenting at the CASC (CA Council of Student Councils) conference at UC Santa Barbara. We met some of the students from Leaders in Life who shared with us about the awesome conference they put on each spring; for students, by students. Lane and David share more about their group in this interview as they are preparing for their 15th year of hosting a conference for youth in Bakersfield, CA.

    Leaders in Life Interview from Sprigeo on Vimeo.

    You can visit the Leaders in Life website for more information and to stay updated for plans for their 2014 event.

    Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 1.46.31 PM


  • Caroline Dixon – Junior Miss American Beauty

    September 30, 2013




    herointerview827 from Sprigeo on Vimeo.

    We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Caroline Dixon, of Homosassa, Florida.   This summer, she was crowned Junior Miss American Beauty 2013!  Caroline shared with us about her platform related to cyberbullying.  We enjoyed interviewing our latest Hero and learning more about why she chose this topic for her platform.

    After Caroline learned from her own experience that the best way to deal with a cyber bully was to speak up and to tell someone that you need help and to make sure the bully knows what they are doing is wrong, she began watching social network sites that she was familiar with for signs that others were being bullied online.  When she saw a post that she knew was hurtful to someone, she contacted the individual that the post was about and told them, even if she didn’t know them, that she was there if they needed someone to talk to about it.  She then contacted the individual making the post and informed them that what they were doing was cyber bullying and that they needed to remove the post immediately or face the consequences for their actions.  The bully sometimes tried to defend what they were doing, or tried to attack Caroline, too, but she kept repeating the message that what they were doing was wrong.  She has been successful in helping stop several cases of online bullying by just being willing to stand up for others and to let the bullies know what they were doing was wrong.

    On Saturday, August 31, 2013, Caroline participated in the “Take a Stand” family event in Hernando County, Florida.   She interfaced with individuals at a booth where they could have pictures taken with her and she distributed her anti-cyberbulling message.  She was also asked to say a speech at the event and was excited about the opportunity to share her message.

    One way she plans to offer her assistance is through a Cyber Bullying Advice Page she set up on ASK.FM. Her page states, “This is for those who need someone to talk to whether they are a bystander in a cyber bullying situation, a victim, or the bully ready to change.”

    As Caroline noted in her interview, she sent a letter to Florida Governor Rick Scott asking that he designate a week in Florida as Anti-Cyberbullying Awareness Week.  The purpose of the week she is proposing is for schools to bring attention to the strengthening of  an anti cyberbullying law that now allows schools to take action on cyberbulling that occurs outside of school hours.

    Caroline has many other ideas she is working on for her platform this year and she looks forward to opportunities to help others and to spread the message that people need to think before they send!

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