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  • Interview with Dr. Alderman

    November 25, 2013


    As schools and community programs have used Sprigeo’s on line reporting system, incidents of students engaging in cutting behaviors have been reported.  Dr. Alderman is an expert in the field of  self-injury .  In our interview, she  dispels two common myths about cutting as well as advice on what to do if you discover someone is engaging in these behaviors.

    Dr. Alderman interview from Sprigeo on Vimeo.


    Tracy Alderman, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist and author of The Scarred Soul: Understanding and Ending Self-Inflicted Violence (New Harbinger Publications) and co-author of Amongst Ourselves: A Self-Help Guide for Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (New Harbinger Publications).  Dr. Alderman is a leading expert in the field of self-injury and has provided numerous trainings and workshops for agencies, educators, clinicians, hospitals, counselors, and parents nationwide.  She has worked with the San Diego Police Department, California Department of Corrections, San Diego Unified School District and University of San Diego.  In addition to offering consultation and training in the area of self-injury, Dr. Alderman also provides clinical services and supervision at the University of California, San Diego.

    Click here for more information on Dr. Alderman’s book.

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