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  • ReThink Stops Cyberbullying Before It Happens

    November 16, 2015

    Every year at the IBPA’s (International Bullying Prevention Association) annual conference, there is wonderful feedback about the student led sessions.  This year was no exception and we had the privilege of sponsoring an inspiring young woman who is passionate about combating cyberbullying.

    Trisha Prabhu, age 15, is the innovator and founder of Re-think, a free app for students that combats cyberbullying.  The product that she created helps adolescents become more responsible digital citizens by giving them a second chance to pause and reconsider their decision to post a hurtful message through social media.  Trisha has received multiple awards including the “Global Anti-bullying hero” award from Auburn University and she has been a part of TEDxTeen.

    Watch a 1 1/2 minute clip from Trisha’s presentation here:


    Click here to view her TEDxTeen talk.

    Visit the ReThink website.

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