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  • Sacks of Hope Interview – Random Acts of Kindness

    May 25, 2017

    “Do it, of course – it will fill you with joy!” exclaimed Aide, when talking about other classrooms considering launching a project like this.

    This month, we had the pleasure of interviewing 4 students from Mr. Lewandowski’s 3rd/4th grade class in Santa Barbara, California.  His class decided to build twenty-five (one for each student in the class) “Sacks of Hope” to help local homeless community members for Random Acts of Kindness Month.  The entire project was steered by the students who chose what they would do and other important components like the logo, the slogan, what would go in the bags and the note that would be given with each bag.  Take a few minutes to meet Natalie, Adrian, Milton and Aide and hear about their project filled with joy and hope.
    Note: We apologize for the cropped image – our interview showed all 4 students but the frame was cropped when it saved the video.

    Visit the Sacks of Hope website.

    View their inspirational video:

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