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  • Teens from Ireland Taking Action to Prevent Cyberbullying

    May 20, 2015

    After reading the following news story we contacted Elliot’s school and set up a time to interview him and his classmates to talk about their achievements. Even though Ireland is 8 hours ahead of the Pacific Time Zone, through the magic of Skype and the enthusiasm of the students we were able to host a live interview this past Tuesday afternoon. Have the students at your school been involved with any bullying prevention efforts that we can recognize? If so, send us a short email and we will set up a Skype interview as we did with Elliot and his classmates. As you will see in the videos below, the students were thrilled about being recognized for their achievements.

    News Story:

    Elliot Davis (16), a student at Newbridge College secondary school in Co Kildare, was bullied for three years while in primary school – an experience that has made him “passionate” about ending bullying.

    He is one of 30 Transition Year students at his school to become anti-bullying ambassadors and yesterday he and his classmates were celebrated at the Diana Awards at a ceremony in Facebook’s European headquarters in Dublin which was attended by singer Nadine Coyle.

    The awards were set up in memory of Princess Diana and are supported by her sons, Princes William and Harry.

    “I was bullied in primary school from third class until sixth class. You’re so much more passionate about it when you have experienced it,” he said.

    “I wish there had been anti-bullying ambassadors in my primary school. I did my best to deal with it at the time, I spoke out and told my parents and then I tried to just block it out and continue doing what I enjoyed doing, like rugby and music,” he said.

    “I don’t want another student to wind up with a bullying story. It shouldn’t have to happen to anyone in their life.”

    He and his classmates have set up a confidential email account where pupils can report bullying.

    Meanwhile, Girls Aloud singer Nadine said being a public figure makes her a target for online abuse, but she ignores it.

    “I don’t listen, I just immediately block it. I know that bullying can be incredibly damaging and it’s important that young people come together to end its harmful effects.”


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