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  • The “Overcomer”

    February 9, 2018

    I had the privilege to meet Kymorhi in Barbados last October. He sang his song “Save a Child” at a reception for the launch of our App/reporting system and it was very powerful. He is passionate about suicide prevention and bullying prevention.


    I had an opportunity to ask Kymorhi the following questions:


    How long have you been singing? 
    I’ve been singing since the age of 4 around the house and in church.
    What is your favorite thing about music?
    The thing I love most about music is that it can be used to send very powerful and impactful messages.  and my goal is to touch the world through my music as Music is my voice and my way of speaking out not only about positive influences but negative influences as well.
    What is your favorite musical?
    I have never seen a musical however my favorite play is “Poxie Rosie”. It was performed here in Barbados by a theater group called “Mustardseed Productions” owned and operated by Varia Williams or as we call her “Aunty Varia” and it is also a theater group which I am apart of. and the play was about a teenage girl who had a bad skin condition and was bullied everyday by her peers. I truly encourage people to view Mustardseed Productions because although we take a comical approach towards certain issues, the topics which we address are very serious and we are found on facebook and instagram @Mustardeed Productions.
    What is your favorite food (Bajan food, I know it isn’t Souse…)
    I have two (2) favorite foods which are macaroni pie and lasagna! They are truly delicious and an absolute must have in my life.
    How did you get your name “The Overcomer”?
    I got the name “De Overcomer” from my songwriter, Chrystal Cummins-Beckles-Holder. She believed that it would suit me nicely as i am a person who works very hard to achieve any goals which i put my mind towards.
    Tell us about your song “Save a Child” and what the lyrics mean to you?
    “Save Ah Child” reaches out and grabs the attention of any listener and i think that is mainly because it isn’t just another song about bullying. The lyrics truly showcase how people bully and how victims of bullying cry out for help and are ignored because our country seems to think that bullying is a “joke” however i believe the bullying is a very serious matter but it is not taken serious enough in Barbados and that is why “Save Ah Child” means so much to me as it is my way of speaking out on Bullying from the victims point of view.
    Where have you had the opportunity to sing this song?
    I have had the opportunity to sing this song in quite a few places some of them being The Junior Calypso Monarch Competition, Carifesta which was held in Barbados this year, and Supreme Counselling’s Bullying Convention
    What is your goal with your music? 
     My goal with my music is to use it as my platform to impact positive change in the world. My music is my voice and my way of speaking out not only about positive influences but negative influences as well.
    Thank you Kymorhi for your passion for supporting children in Barbados and beyond!
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