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Sprigeo strives to provide schools with relevant tools designed to create safer schools. Our anonymous tip line prevents school tragedies on a daily basis. Losing a student has a devastating impact on the entire community. Giving your students a reliable way to report threats will save lives.  Browse the tools below. Contact us when you are ready to take the next step in ensuring a safe school community for your students.

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Sprigeo Anonymous Tipline and Documentation System

In 2009, we worked with both students and administrators to create a tipline and documentation system that has a smartphone app, texting solution, and a web-based reporting form with support for two-way communication. To date we have prevented hundreds of teen suicides, dozens of school attacks and thousands of chronic bullying incidents. View the reporting form here or download the free app from either the Apple Store or Google Play.
Self harm and suicidal ideation are two trends that we would like to impact in a positive way. Middle and high school age students are struggling and their peers want to help. The Sprigeo reporting system has given these students an outlet to talk about self harm and suicidal ideation and get help for classmates that are in need. The administrators and counselors we work with want to know when their students need help. Providing them with another way to talk about these issues has proven to be a solution that is truly life saving.
Better yet, watch the video below for an overview of how the system works. We are confident that Sprigeo will work for you as it does for over 2,500 schools across the United States. We don’t want price to be a barrier in purchasing and will be happy to match any competitor’s cost quote.
  • Empower youth

    The Sprigeo software platform is used by over 2500 schools across 27 states, including the state of Oregon as part of their SafeOregon.com web site. Students, parents, staff and community members can use the tipline to report self-harm, suicidal ideation, school attacks and bullying incidents without fear of retaliation, resulting in safer, sustainable, school communities. This past school year we prevented more than 50 teen suicides and over a dozen school attacks.

  • Build knowledge

    Meet state mandated training requirements by certifying staff and parents with our online courses in bullying and cyberbullying prevention. Preview the staff courses or get a sneak peak of the parent course.

  • Reduce Risk

    Let Sprigeo work with your risk management director and insurance risk pool to provide access to all schools in your district. Contact your district’s risk management director and/or insurance provider to negotiate a high volume discount that may pay the total cost of your subscription.

  • Improve attendance

    Schools that leverage the Anonymous TipLine System find an increase in attendance and a decrease in suspensions and expulsions. School Administrators can identify potential threats and behavior issues before they develop into problems. .

Kyra Bobak, Human Resources / Pupil Personnel Services Director,
Seneca Valley School District

Pricing Information

Multi-school and district licenses are available at a discounted rate. Your Sprigeo subscription includes: access for all students to the Sprigeo Anonymous TipLine, administrator access to the documentation system, access to online staff development training courses, and access for your parents to the online parent education courses in bullying prevention. Complete the contact form below or contact us directly at 805-284-9435 to find out more and begin using Sprigeo in your schools. We don’t want price to be a barrier in purchasing and will be happy to match any competitor’s cost quote. The Sprigeo Anonymous TipLine and Documentation System can be bundled with the Document Storage and Safety Drill Record Keeper for additional savings.

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Document Storage and Safety Drill Record Keeper

Meet state mandates for recording and storing safety related documents. School administrators and first responders need to access information quickly in times of crisis. Do you really want to spend time looking for the 3-ring binder in the middle of a crisis?

Sprigeo relieves this stress by housing all of your documents electronically, within a secure, password protected dashboard. Administrators and first responders can find the information they need quickly, leaving more time to act.

Preparing for crisis situations involves regular, mandated, drills for both students and staff. Traditionally, schools record drill information on a piece of paper that eventually arrives at the district office for review. Using our online dashboard, school administrators can quickly and efficiently record drill data that is immediately available to district level administrators.

Although drills happen regularly, student enrollment can change and protocols can be forgotten. Sprigeo safety expert and former school district administrator, David Perrodin, PhD developed a short, 5-minute, electronic survey that can be used in the minutes immediately following the conclusion of a drill. School and District level administrators can review the drill effectiveness and address any needed changes in protocol before the next drill.

  • Secure Document and Video Storage

    Relieve stress and act more effectively in crisis situations by storing your safety documents in our online dashboard. Sprigeo provides you with access to upload the following types of resources:

    Videos of your school interior
    Safety Plans
    Crisis Response Plans
    Contact Lists
    Hazmat Information
    Annual Checklists

  • Record Drills Efficiently

    Record drills efficiently, saving administrator time and effort. District administrators can gain access to this information immediately.
    Use the online dashboard immediately following a drill to record the following information:

    Active Shooter/Intruder
    Lock down
    Shelter in Place
    Drop and Cover

Pricing Information

Complete the contact form below or contact us directly
at 805-669-7133 to find out more or to receive a cost quote.
The Document Storage and Safety Drill Record Keeper can be bundled with
the Sprigeo Anonymous TipLine and Documentation System
for additional savings.

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