School District Tip Line

School Safety, Suicide Prevention, Bullying Prevention

School districts consider safety a top priority. Sprigeo answers the challenge by providing a complete solution of safety products.

School Safety Tip Line Standard Edition

Provide your students with a relevant way to report tips that keep their classmates safe and school administrators informed. The mobile app and web site versions of the tip line can be utilized on personal devices as well as district-issued iPads, Chromebooks, etc. Easy set up and efficient rollout are hallmark features of the Sprigeo Tip Line that both administrators and technology coordinators appreciate. Our standard version includes optional settings like photo and video uploads and two-way messaging. Students are the eyes and ears of your school community. Find out about and prevent threats before they occur.

School Safety Tip Line Pro Edition:

The majority of student tips are reported in the afterschool and evening hours. Some tips impact student safety immediately and can’t wait until the following morning when school personnel arrive on campus.

24/7/365 Call Center Triage:

The Pro Edition of our tip line is set up so that all tips are received and triaged by our call center 24/7/365. Calls are made to key personnel in the district within minutes when a student’s safety is in immediate danger or when there is a threat of school attack. Regardless of the time of day (or night) that tips arrive our call center is working to keep your students safe. Tips that don’t require immediate action are routed to school personnel by email. Call center technicians identify the type of tip received and the associated level of urgency so that school administrators can investigate and resolve the tip as efficiently as possible.

The Pro Edition includes all of the features from our Standard Edition.

School Safety Tip Line Pro Plus Edition:

The Pro Plus Tip Line includes all of the features from the Pro edition with the following additions:

  1. Live call in phone number where reporters can call and report a tip.
  2. Reporting by email and/or text message.

Contact Sprigeo to learn more about our School Safety Tip Line and what edition might best meet your district’s needs.

Features included with all versions of the Sprigeo Tip Line:

Anonymous Two-Way Communication:

Send messages back and forth between administrators and reporters to gather additional tip information.

Real-Time Tip Review:

Receive immediate text or email notification when tips are sent. View all of your tips through a secure, password-protected interface. Identify key tip information and follow up action while logging all tip updates with automatic date and time stamps. Notify other staff members when tip information is updated so that your team can resolve incidents efficiently.

Robust Data Reporting:

Your dashboard will include a suite of pre-canned reports as well as the ability to run ad-hoc reports, filter data and download the results in a spreadsheet format. All individual tip details can also be printed in pdf format.

Bullying Investigation Documentation:

Does your district have a specific document or series of documents that need to be completed when a bullying-related tip is received? The Sprigeo dashboard includes the ability to store your district’s forms for easy download and completion. Upload and store the completed document(s) and quickly connect them with the individual tip.

School Safety Document Vault:

Gaining access to documents in the school front office may not be an option during a crisis situation. Store all of your district’s critical safety documentation in your online document vault so that in a time of crisis you can access these documents from any device with an Internet connection. Provide first responders maps of your school interior, contact information for key personnel and logistics for your incident command system.

Safety Drill Record Keeper:

Log all district-mandated safety drills and automatically notify district personnel upon the drill completion.

Customizable Parent and Community Letters:

Keep your school community informed about how to use Sprigeo with our customizable document templates.

Online Training Modules:

Train staff, counselors and administrators with the ease of our online training platform. Video-based instruction with assessments and accompanying PowerPoint documentation.

Customizable Reporting Form:

Use your school or district logo and color scheme to create a customized look for the reporting form.

Professional Development Library:

Share and distribute relevant articles and resources with your staff and parent community. Sprigeo regularly connects with school leaders to gather and share information about the most current safety topics.

Free Marketing Materials:

Continue to promote Sprigeo and safety reporting with the use of our free posters and additional marketing materials. We will send you a marketing pack, including instructions for successfully launching Sprigeo at your site.

Statewide School Safety Tip Line

School Safety, Suicide Prevention, Bullying Prevention

Sprigeo currently provides statewide school safety tip line services for both Oregon and Idaho. Our tip line solutions include access to a full suite of reporting options: mobile app, web site, live phone line, texting, and emailing. The tip line software solution can be used either in conjunction with an existing call center or as a complete solution with our call center. All statewide tip lines are custom solutions, designed to meet the unique needs of each state. Marketing services may also be added to the tip line as a turnkey solution. Sprigeo provides a proven tip line solution that both schools, law enforcement and state leaders trust.

Contact Sprigeo to inquire about the specific services available.

Additional Products

Online Professional Development Training

Suicide Prevention, Bullying Prevention

The cost of professional development training has become prohibitive for many districts. Taking time away from student learning and the additional cost of paying for substitute staff has left districts looking for an effective way to stay in compliance with mandated training. Sprigeo provides an efficient and cost effective series of online, video-driven training courses that can be accessed by staff at any time and from any device with an Internet connection.

We work with leading experts in the fields of student mental health, youth suicide and bullying prevention who have shared their expertise so that we can offer relevant training to school administrators, counselors, teachers and staff. Our online learning center gives you the ability to monitor who has completed training and issue certificates of achievement. Currently, Sprigeo offers courses in Bullying Prevention, Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. Preview our Bullying Prevention Course here.

Contact Sprigeo to learn more about our School Safety Tip Line and what edition might best meet your district’s needs.

Emergency Message Notification System

School Safety, Parent Notification

Notifying your parent community in a time of crisis requires a reliable tool that can send information in a variety of ways. The Sprigeo notification system has the ability to send voice, email and text messages to members of your parent community with the click of a button. Identify groups and send to selected individuals, or to your entire community. Sprigeo will guide you through the set up of your messaging dashboard and provide training to key personnel who will be responsible for using the system.

Contact Sprigeo to learn more about emergency message notification system or to set up an online demonstration.