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  • Kindness Challenge

    October 7, 2013

    On September 11th I was reading through all of the Facebook posts and came across  They were launching a 21 day Kindness Challenge as a tribute to 9/11.  “6000 people, from 98 countries participated and lit up the world with thousands of kind acts and stories.” – KindSpring


    Video from KarmaTube


    The Kindness Challenge offered a variety of ways to thread kindness into each of the 21 days.  Some tasks were easier than others.  I liked sending a card in the mail to let a friend know I was thinking of her but found reaching out to someone who I had lost touch with a little more difficult.  One day the challenge was to thank someone in public service so I got our mailman a Starbucks card.  His genuine smile of appreciation truly made my day!  From passing on a favorite book to leaving post it note messages of love to being intentional with a compliment, I found the daily challenges a terrific way to be mindful with kindness.  They say that once you do something 21 days in a row, it becomes habit forming.  I sure hope that I can be a little kinder throughout my days moving forward from this experience.  You can use this link to find all sorts of ideas for acts of kindness.

    On one of the days we were challenged to find an inspiring video and share it with a friend.  I found this video and sent it along to a friend who was also participating in the challenge.  She loved it and sent it on to her co-workers and posted it on a FB page.  It is a great story of what it takes to be fearless:

    Video from KarmaTube


    KINDNESS is one of the values that Sprigeo included on our new t-shirt design since we recognize that kindness builds community.  Please join us in continuing the Kindness Challenge every day.  There are great ideas and inspiring stories on the KindSpring website.  Due to the overwhelming response of the Kindness Challenge, they are launching a Gratitude Challenge on November 7th.  Small Acts do change the world.

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