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  • The Letter – SBDI End of Year Show

    May 20, 2014

    970052_653659528002918_78988135_nI am still smiling from watching Santa Barbara Dance Institute‘s show on Sunday. The Letter featured 320 students dancing on a professional stage with a beautiful message to Be Brave, Be Kind and Listen to your Heart. Truly Inspiring!

    The entire show was based around the story of a father writing to his eight year old child Sam on the first day of the third grade.  He writes about the bullies he encountered when he was in elementary school and what he would have done differently.  This was based off of the internet letter “Dear Chase”.   SBDI’s performers came from schools from all over our county who have been taking weekly dance classes at their school sites.  The dances they performed were to songs tied to The Letter such as “Beat It”, “Who Says”, “Respect”, “Brave”, “Shine Your Way”, and many more woven together with messages of creating positive change in schools.  At the end of the collection of songs, each child had a special moment to shine as they danced across the stage and the full house of the theater cheered them on.

    Thank you to SBDI for creating empowering children to change the world.

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