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  • How Redondo Union High School students anonymously report bullying

    February 20, 2015

    by Charles Pannunzio, The Beach Reporter  2.19.15

    54e62b90aa67d.imageWhen students at Redondo Union High School want to report bullying or other unsafe activities on campus they can do so quickly, and anonymously, thanks to an online system that’s as close as their laptop or smartphone.

    The high school started using the system, called Sprigeo, in the fall of 2013 when administrators wanted to find something to help with anti-bullying efforts as well as a project to collaborate with the Redondo Beach Police Department for Red Ribbon Week, according to RUHS assistant principal Anthony Bridi. The contract was recently renewed again with the RBPD paying about $800 for the system.

    “We were looking for a way that students could feel comfortable to anonymously report things that are happening around campus because prior to that they didn’t have a way to do that,” he explained. “They would either have to send us an email, and obviously that’s not too confidential, or they would have to come speak to an administrator or teacher in person.”

    While many students are OK with those avenues, having something that allows them to make reports without tipping off the perpetrators is an important tool, Bridi said…

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