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  • Sprigeo Heroes Project Skype Seminar at UCSB

    August 2, 2013

    This week, we had the great pleasure of bringing some of our Sprigeo Heroes to California via Skype.  Sprigeo participated in a seminar for middle schoolers and high schoolers – CASC’s (CA Association of Student Councils) Summer Leadership Conference, held at UC Santa Barbara.

    We had three different heroes participate: Samantha, The NoBull Guys, and Howard County’s Voices 4 Change (Colin, Zayna, and Alexa).

    Each of these guests had a slightly different story to tell, even though they all are part of our Heroes Project for “changing the world through their words and actions”.  Each interview ended with Q and A from the students in our seminar.

    Samantha shared about her empathy for others which propels her into acts of kindness like her “Post It note day” and anonymous Valentine’s Day roses.  One of the students commented about the ripple effect of kind acts, something they had discussed in a previous session which Samantha’s interview tied right into.  The NoBull Guys shared their story of how one video project at their high school evolved into speaking engagements across the country.  Students from Howard County, Maryland (Voices 4 Change) shared with us how their coalition of students from different schools join with adults in their communities and together create positive change, whether it relates to distracted driving, bullying or recycling.   Students left inspired to go out and make a difference in their schools and communities.  We look forward to seeing some of them join our Heroes Project in the near future.  We can’t wait for you to meet them and to hear their stories!

    Samantha from Michigan

    Samantha from Michigan

    The NoBull Guys from Ohio

    The NoBull Guys from Ohio

    Voices for Change (V4C) from Howard County

    Voices for Change (V4C) from Howard County, Maryland

    Here are just a few comments from students who participated in our session:

    “I will make a change.”
    “Inspired by Joe and other kids – do hope to change the world.”
    “This seminar was very inspiring.”
    “I loved the Skype presentations from students across the country who have effected change.”
    “It motivated me to follow their example.”

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