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  • Twitter Partners with Sprigeo to Create Guides for Teens and Schools

    April 22, 2015

    Over the past few months, Sprigeo CEO Joe Bruzzese worked with Patricia Cartes and Christopher Kark at the Twitter International Office of Safety to create two guides. The first guide reads like a short story directed toward teens, identifying a few of Twitter’s key features with tips for reporting, should the need occur. You can find, download and share the Teen Guide to Twitter here. The second guide, a longer, more detailed look at the magic of Twitter was written for school administrators, staff and anyone working with teens that wants (or needs) to take their Twitter knowledge to a level beyond, “Yes, I know what Twitter is, but I’m not sure about this whole hashtag thing.” Feel free to download and share the Twitter Guide for Administrators with only those people that are wanting and accepting of this amazing resource. Find the Administrator’s Guide here.

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