David Perrodin, PhD

Director of Safety

David Perrodin, PhD, worked twelve years as a Director of Special Education & Pupil Services. He exited school administration in order to focus exclusively on researching school safety and high-stakes decision-making at University of Wisconsin – Madison.

As an expert in safety preparedness and response, Dr. Perrodin has presented on public television, in school districts and at school safety conferences. He has access to the top safety specialists in the industry and works collaboratively with this talented network to bring unparalleled services to clients. In 2016, he partnered with Pulitzer Prize winning author and producer David Obst to write and direct a script involving an intruder in an elementary school setting.

David has entered his 17th year as a core faculty member with Viterbo University’s Educational Leadership Department. He instructs aspiring school administrators on the nuances of pupil nondiscrimination and school safety and also teaches educators how to promote inclusion of students with special needs.

In 2019, Rowman & Littlefield publishers released Dr. Perrodin’s book, Schools of Errors – Rethinking School Safety in America. The book received more than a dozen editorial endorsements and was lauded for exposing the unchecked fortification of America’s schools and for identifying the systemic disregard of scientifically-supported measures known to improve threat identification and reporting processes.