René Moncada

Senior Consultant

Mr. Moncada’s experience in education spans over 15 years. As the Director of Safe Schools for the Tulare County Office of Education Mr. Moncada provided administrative leadership, oversight and technical support for federal and state grants to county schools. He developed and provide professional development trainings for six Central California counties on Safe Schools strategic planning. His expertise in developing countywide partnerships between education, law enforcement, department of social services, District Attorney’s Office, and various community-based organizations has resulted in high-impact programs and assistance to students throughout the state of California.

Mr. Moncada’s background also includes a career as the Administrator of Migrant Education for Region VIII in California. In this position he provided administrative leadership and support to 52 school districts throughout Kings and Tulare counties, which included overseeing all aspects of Pre-K, Out of School Youth, K-12 Interventions, Health, and Parent training and development.

René was the primary author connected with the Sprigeo Crisis Response Plan. His experience as a school safety expert, school administrator, and community advisor has proven to be invaluable to the growth and sustainability of Sprigeo.