The Westlake

~ The premier professional development opportunity for school administrators

  • Learn and Share

    In the spirit of collegiality and in recognition of the expertise that school administrators possess, Sprigeo is proud to introduce, “The Westlake”,
    a 3-day gathering that will bring together 12 school administrators from around the country to discuss the most relevant challenges currently facing their students. Over our three days together, participants will
    learn from subject matter experts, discuss current challenges and create
    a set of best practices that they can bring back to their school and district. Westlake participants are truly the best administrators in our nation.
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“The event was the first of a series of different gatherings. With the success of this as a first-of-its-kind
conference, we are looking at future meetings for different levels.”
~ Tim Wombaker, Westlake Participant
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“We had an opportunity to share ideas and strategies focused on improving our practice and our schools.”
~ Amy Smith, Westlake Participant

  • Apply to be a Westlake Participant

    The application process is now open for the Westlake gathering in May, 2017. The focus for this upcoming gathering will be on Assistant and Associate Principals at the Middle School Level. This coming school year we plan to expand the Westlake to include administrators at the elementary and high school levels. Only 12 participants will be selected. Click here to apply.


“We were treated as honored guests.”
~ Aaron Tarnutzer, Westlake Participant

  • Participant Cost

    Selected participants who are current Sprigeo customers pay a total cost of $315 (not including travel) for the 3-day event. The cost for participants who are not current Sprigeo customers is $2000 for the 3-day event. The participant fee includes a 2-night stay at the Four Seasons Resort in Westlake, California, all meals during the gathering, materials, facilitator and speaker fees as well as a few amazing keepsakes.
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  • Vendor/Sponsor Opportunities

    Sponsor opportunities are open to a limited number of select vendors. Each opportunity has an associated description and cost. You may apply to sponsor multiple opportunities or elect to apply for a single opportunity. If you have an interest in being the sole sponsor for the upcoming Westlake Gathering please send your request in writing through the application link. Our CEO, Joe Bruzzese will contact you regarding the benefits and cost for sole sponsorship. Sponsor applications will be reviewed and approved on a first come, first served basis. After reviewing the opportunities, please complete the online sponsor application.

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Tentative Agenda of Discussion Topics

After surveying middle school and district administrators we noticed a common set of issues impacting middle school students. Although the agenda of topics is subject to change we think the list below is a good place to start.

Social Media

Mental Health

Trauma Informed Care

Suspension Alternatives

Transgender Youth

Cyberbullying / Girl bullying

Follow up and Response to Bullying Incidents

Safe School Culture

Youth Leadership

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